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Conhecendo nossos autores : live com os autores do livro Singularidade

Jayme S. Alencar

Jayme was born in 2009 in the Bronx, NY. He has always been an avid learner.

Since a young age ha has shown interest for subjects that are away ahead of his time, like Paleontology, History, Climatology and Astronomy.

Jayme always asked us to take him to museums in which he could explore these subjects with more details and he requested books too.

His favorite subject is by far Astronomy. He loved to watch Astronomical series with me and read books about it. We are both big fans of Professor Einstein and his many theories an thought experiments.

When he was 8 he wrote his 1st book entitled: Brother Bear. It was a Fantasy boo for children with good lessons about character and good behavior. Jayme has a very high sense of Justice.

At the same time he wrote his 1st book, we opened in his school the 1st Astronomy Club at St. Matthews Catholic School to share his passion and knowledge about the Universe with his peers. I was the Amateur Astronomer Instructor for the Club.

In 2018 we started writing SINGULARITY as a way to put in the paper a lot of our own theories about the Universe and hw those could apply in the scientific world.

Jayme has also been concerned about Climate Change and Global Warming, therefore we decided to make a sci-fi book that would combine Astronomy and Climatogy. Thus SINGULARITY was borned.

Jayme is now a 6th grader at St. Patrick Catholic Middle School in which he wishes also to open the 1st Astronomy Club for his new School.

Jayme A. Oliveira Filho

I was born in Brazil year 1976. I spent my whole childhood and young adulthood in the city of Fortaleza, State of Ceara.

I was admitted to Dentistry School in 1994 after achieving the second highest score of  almost a thousand  applicants for the forty spots available at the University of Ceara, Dentistry School, Brazil. In 1997, I received a scholarship of National Research Council to be a teaching assistant in two different disciplines: Stomatology and Oral Pathology.

In our school, teaching assistant means to teach undergraduate younger students teaching practical and theoretical classes under coordination of the chairman of the discipline.

In Stomatology discipline we developed a project to Special Patients with systemic diseases including immunosuppressive,

cardiac, hepatic, hematologic, oncologic problems providing them a better care as we consider the patients in a global health scenario.

In Oral Pathology we developed  research  projects  in  labial-palatine  clefts and  other oral facial pathologies and we presented the results of these projects in National and International Meetings.

My academic life was based on teaching and researching . My desire was put together these three important areas: research, teaching and clinics.

After my graduation I was very interested in Surgery , Prosthesis and General Dentistry. So, I did a post-graduation course at Dentistry Academy of Ceara in Surgery of Impacted Teeth and at Dentistry Brazilian Association in Fixed Prothesis and Occlusion.

During  five years, after my graduation, I worked as General Practitioner ( Dental Surgeon ) in two private offices and in a government program in family health. During this time I improved my scientific and practical knowledge providing a better care to my patients.

My wife is a medical doctor and she was accepted to Internal Medicine program at Jackson Memorial Hospital Miami, june 2003. So, I realized that this would be a great chance to come to the USA to do a Residency Program in General Dentistry.

I entered the Miami program in 2005 and concluded in 2007.

During the Year 2007 and combined my GPR residency with a one year Dental Implant Fellowship.

After finishing my post-graduate program, I was invited to be a Faculty for the University of Miami, position that I occupied from 2007 to 2009.

In 2009, due to VISA requirements, we had to move to Kentucky, where we lived for 3 years.

We moved to Virginia Beach, VA in 2012 and we’ve been living here since.

I opened my own Dental Practice in 2017, which is called Alencar Family Dentistry.

During my whole life I was fascinated about the Universe. When I was a little child, I used to watch Carl Sagan and his Cosmos Series. I became a BIG FAN.

In 2018 I opened my little Jayme the 1st Astronomy Club at St. Matthews Catholic School in Virginia Beach. More or less during that same time Little Jayme and I decided to start writing Singularity, which we finally concluded this year.

This has been a labor of LOVE and ENJOYMENT. I loved to spend hours with him thinking about the science and story in the BOOK.

I hope everyone enjoys.

Jayme Alencar
Jayme Oliveira
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